Introducing frock & frill


 By Ilona Cabral

Hello to all you cat walk queens and forward thinking fashionistas! I’m very excited to introduce a new addition to our website, the Frock and Frill blog! This blog will be a place where the Frock and Frill team (as well as some other special contributors) can share their opinions about the latest fashion movements, styles and trends. It will also be a place where you, our lovely customers, can share your own opinions and feedback.

If you’re reading this then hopefully you’re already obsessed by our gorgeous embellished and embroidered clothing (and if not please head directly to our website!) However, like in any good relationship, I thought we should start by getting to know each other better. In this first post, I interviewed one of our co-founders, Mohanish Vij, and he shared a little about Frock and Frill and how it all began.

Hello, thank you for taking part in this interview! First of all can you tell me how exactly Frock and Frill came to be?  

Frock and Frill was born from the company, Figure Clothing, who were originally high street shop suppliers. However, as time went by, the design team decided to take a chance and create a new brand. After a lot of research they discovered a niche in the market for embellished and embroidered occasion wear and dreamed up Frock and Frill. However, it was a trip to India that made Frock and Frill a reality. During this trip, we were able to forge new contracts with Sedex approved factories (the world’s leading ethical trade membership organisation) that we had excellent existing relationships with as well as gathering a lot of inspiration for our first collection


What would you say are the main inspirations for your collections?


When we are creating a new collection we always look for both modern and vintage inspirations. With a forward thinking perspective, we look at the styles and shapes of the clothing in the latest catwalk shows to see what is popular and what is desirable at the moment. However, looking to the past, we also try and see what remains timeless by looking at the by clothing in vintage markets across the UK, especially in London and Manchester.

How do you feel occasion wear has changed over Frock & Frill's life-time? How has Frock & Frill adjusted to meet this?

When Frock and Frill began it was mainly focused on filling the vintage niche in the market but, over time, I feel that we have become a more modern brand. When we design our clothes now we create a range of beautiful garments which are inspired by vintage styles but also consider contemporary shapes and silhouettes. As we have grown, we have also created our other brands, Starlet and Amelia Rose which make clothing for younger audiences and for wedding occasions.

What sets Frock & Frill apart from other brands?

While Frock and Frill shares the common fashion goal of creating beautiful clothing we also want to do so much more! We want to make sure that everything we produce is made ethically. For instance, all of our products are either handstitched or crafted in state of the art factories. As a company, we are dedicated to making clothing which is made fairly, which look greats and which makes our customers feel fantastic.

Thank you very much for taking part and I can’t wait to see the newest collection!

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