Here at Frock and Frill HQ, we love contributing to all of your special days - birthdays, graduations and christenings but perhaps most of all, your weddings. 

To celebrate our all new Bridal Collection, which will be available in February 2017, we are documenting our Frock and Frill brides featuring some of our beautiful bridal customers.

We will gain an insight into their big day and of course, what they wore to tie the knot! We also asked our brides questions about their venue, their wedding inspiration and their top tips and advice for planning your own wedding.

If you are a Frock and Frill bride, please don't hesitate to contact us - we would love to feature you here on the blog! 

 This week, we speak to Mary Kay Makanjuola, who wore Frock and Frill to her New York City bridal shower...


Name: Mary Kay Makanjuola

Husband's Name: Oluwarotimi Makanjuola (He goes by "Timi")

Stylist: Myself! I am a style blogger and an aspiring stylist

Hair: My best friend, Ellen Stelick

Make-Up: Myself

Location: The White Tea Linen House - Wheatfield, NY

Photography: Lindsey Fetterhoff Photography

Earrings: Mashugana Shop - Etsy

Hair Adornment: Anthropologie

Shoes: Betsey Johnson

How did you decide on your Frock and Frill dress?

My bridal shower was an intimate tea party soiree, so I wanted something that channeled the style of something between Downton Abbey and the Duchess of Cambridge. I absolutely adore Kate Middleton's timeless style and custom Jenny Packham designs, so when I found my dress, I felt it was exactly what I envisioned at a more affordable price point. I was able to feel like a princess for a day.

How did you and your partner meet?

My husband and I attended the same university where we ran in the same social circle, however the stars did not align romantically until 2007 when I moved from my hometown near Niagara Falls, NY to NYC to pursue my career. Two weeks after I made the big move to New York on my own, I was celebrating my birthday in Manhattan with some friends and happened to attend another mutual friend's birthday party where we ran into each other. After some conversation and some silly dancing, we parted ways until he reached out a few months later (which seemed like FOREVER) to congratulate me on my new position at NBC News and ask me out to dinner to celebrate. It was the ideal, dinner and dancing just like a scene out of a classic movie. The rest is history. We were married in November of 2014.


Go on...How did the proposal happen?

After being with each other for such a long time, anyone who knows me knows that it is impossible to surprise me...especially Timi. I have such strong intuition about when he proposed I knew it was coming. We had done some ring shopping a few months earlier. I had been clear about not wanting a diamond and I had my eyes set on a vintage inspired aquamarine setting that was just simply stunning. Unfortunately, he had this whole picture in his mind of how he wanted to do it, but when the ring came...the stone was cracked. He was so disappointed especially since I was set to go home the following weekend for a family affair and he wanted to do it beforehand so we could go home to celebrate with the family who live hours away. So when the replacement ring came just in the nick of time, he rushed and ring in hand and proposed in the privacy of our own home. I remember having an inkling that it may happen...because he was acting funny over the phone... so I waited patiently with the biggest butterflies I had ever felt. Looking back, I really couldnt see it any other way. I was so happy that this special moment was shared just between the two of us and our dog Buji. I am pretty low maintenance, so I had told him that I shied away from over the top declarations of love and preferred something intimate and quiet. It was perfect! 

How did you style your Frock and Frill dress for your bridal shower?

When putting together my look, I knew that the dress was the statement piece. I kept my jewellery simple with a pair of aquamarine drop earrings to match my engagement ring, a simple silver bracelet and a blue and teal stone hair adornment. I wore my hair pulled back into a delicate braided updo, so that I could showcase the beautifully ornate embellished shoulders of my dress. I finished the look off with a pair of Betsey Johnson silver sparkly t-strap heels.

How was your experience of Frock and Frill?

My Frock and Frill dress allowed me to feel like a princess for a day. Disney's Frozen was popular at the time, so I remember my younger cousins telling me that I reminded them of Elsa. This dress was beautifully designed, comfortable and allowed me to feel like I was walking in Kate Middleton's shoes for a day...because I was about to embark on a whole new adventure with my very own prince.