Have you found yourself in a post-Christmas and New Year lull? Don't worry...it's normal! However, when we're back to work and surrounded by those who have given up alcohol, started attending daily gym classes and generally made "new year, new me" style decisions for 2017, it's easy to start feeling like maybe, just maybe, we could be doing a little bit more.

So, with that in mind, we've put together a list of simple ideas for your 2017 wellbeing and beyond...


Whilst kettlebell classes and 5k treadmill sessions can seem a little daunting, it's probably a good idea to do some kind of exercise, and January is the perfect time to start. 

Yoga is gaining more and more popularity as time goes on, with benefits including increased flexibility, a more toned physique and weight loss, what are you waiting for? 

All you need is a yoga mat and an internet connection, with hundreds of video tutorials online, from beginner to advanced.


Many of us live very fast-paced lives and choose to spend our free time either watching televison, surfing the internet or staring at some kind of screen. Studies have shown that it is important that we spend time away from technology, a great way to do this is via meditating! 

It has been suggested that practising meditation every day can lessen worry, ease stress and enhance self esteem. Sounds good right? Give it a go with the help of a meditation class or even an app such as "Headspace"!

Keeping a Diary

Recently, Victoria Beckham penned an open letter addressed to 18 year old self, in the letter Beckham tells herself to keep a diary. She writes that it's going to be important to record all of the incredible things that she will be able to do in her life.

We may not all be ex Spice Girls, but a diary is something that we can use to record our happiest times, personal thoughts and can also be a good method of releasing our feelings instead of letting them build up.

We can assure you that if you write an entry once or twice a week, you will read them back in a few years with a smile, a laugh and a retrospective view on yourself, what you have achieved and all of the great times you have had.