Tucked away in Manchester's Northern Quarter, you'll find the salon of every girl's dreams, Beauty and Bubbles.

Offering an array of treatments including manicures, facials, massages and tanning as well as parties and regular special offers, we were overjoyed to have a chat with Salon Manager, Tessa. Oh, and not to mention that all treatments come with a complimentary glass of bubbly! Perfect!

Read on for Tessa's top nail care tips, including insider info and all the do's and don't's of long and strong nails. 

What is your at home hand and nail care routine?

Moisturise daily and apply cuticle oil, always leave cuticle oil next to your toothbrush so that you remember to use it morning and night. You should also avoid using metal nail files and never clip your nails. 

Which products would you recommend for strong, healthy nails and cuticles? 

CND Solar Oil helps to stimulate the matrix of the nail, promoting healthy nail growth. I also recommend Vaseline Hand and Nail Cream in Rose. 

What is the best way to break bad nail habits such as nail biting?

I would say the best way is to go and get a nail treatment and experience how good they can look.

Do you have any handy nail care tips for people with a busy schedule?

To keep your nails short, they are then less likely to break so less maintenence is required.

Which foods are best for strong nails?

Salmon - Rich in Vitamin D which provides nutrients for your hair, skin and nails. 

Eggs - Rich in Vitamin B. 

Coconut - By eating coconut, your body can properly absorb everything it needs. 

Chicken - Rich in Protein, Vitamin B and Zinc. 

Avocados - Rich in vitamins and proteins. 

Would you suggest a vitamin supplement for nail growth? Does this actually make a difference?

Yes, we would recommend multi-vitamins for healthy hair, skin and nails. 

How effective are nail growth treatments?

This depends on the condition of the nails and also depends on how long the nail growth treatment has been used for.  This will then determine the effectiveness of the treatment. 

Which would you suggest is best to use - nail scissors or clippers?

We would recommend neither of these, simply file your nails instead. 

Can you tell us which treatments you offer? We know you aren't just about nails and also offer lash, brow and tanning treatments as well as massage and waxing. What are your most popular treatments?

We offer a range of head to toe treatments, our most popular are the Lash Lift - lifting your lashes from the root to give the perfect curl to your lash, this also includes a complimentary lash tint.  Another one of our most popular treatments is the Shellac manicure, a 14 day manicure with no drying time and finally the Eve Taylor facials, these are prescriptive facials which are tailored to each and every client. 

Finally, who's fantastic idea was the complimentary glass of bubbles with each appointment?

The director of Beauty and Bubbles!