This time of year is the annual equivalent of 3pm. It's a low energy, reach for the chocolate bar kind of time where we are riddled with a combination of feeling sorry for ourselves and lacking motivation. If you've had a boring summer without going anywhere exciting, you might be feeling cheated. Equally, if you've been globetrotting and hitting all the festivals, you'll most likely be exhausted, sun beaten and grumpy when you're suddenly back in the 9-5 routine. Either way, it's a difficult time, so we're here to help with some tips for handling that dreaded first week back.



Turn off the radio channel that plays the same five songs and listen to a carefully curated playlist of carefree, happy and nostalgic tunes that mean something to you. This can be the soundtrack to your summer, whether you've been on holiday or just sunbathing in your garden. If you've been to a festival, then play the songs that you danced to all weekend without a care in the world! It is thought that music could be involved in the formation of memories, with this in mind, playing your favourite songs will shift you out of a negative mindset, meaning you're better equipped to handle whatever the day has to offer.



After a summer of excessive eating and drinking, it's easy to be tempted by lazy meals, however, you really are what you eat! So if you eat rubbish food, you'll no doubt start to feel rubbish. Studies have shown that a diet high in fresh fruit and vegetables provides more energy and a greater sense of happiness, so eat yourself positive and reach for something packed with goodness. You'll be pleased to hear that it's not just fruit and veg that can improve your wellbeing - dark chocolate also packs a punch of feel good euphoria! 


Fresh Air

One of the biggest challenges when returning to the office is going from breathing fresh sea air and feeling the sun on your skin all day, to abruptly being plonked in a grey, air conditioned office. No matter how much you love your job, the dramatic contrast you experience can be hugely unsettling and leave you in a flat mood. So, instead of spending your lunch sitting at your desk and moaning to your co-workers that this time last week you were sipping cocktails in a hammock, get out of the office and go for a walk. The fresh air will calm you and restore you to a more balanced mindset, so when you head back into the office you've broken up the day with some light exercise and a change of scenery.


Planning Ahead

Shake off your melodramatic, "There's nothing to look forward to anymore" mindset with some forward thinking. Putting social events in your diary for the rest of the year provides something to work towards and get excited about. It also means you have more time to budget and save up, which means when the date comes around you're better prepared. If summer has left you penniless, choose to have friends over for dinner and drinks! You can catch up and fill eachother in on what you did over the summer months!



Yes, of course we threw this old chesnut in! It really does make you feel better though - we promise! If you're a regular gym goer, you'll know how great a gym session can be for lifting your mood, however if the thought of exercise sends shivers down your spine, make gradual changes instead! How about getting off your bus two stops early? You can even listen to your summer soundtrack while you walk the extra distance home. These tiny changes, if repeated daily, really can make a difference to your health and sense of wellbeing. Additionally, if you find yourself driving everywhere, make a healthier choice and start cycling! We can guarantee you will feel a great blend of good endorphins and a hint of smugness.